Forever – The Song of Songs by Chagall

The Song of Songs – Chagall ©CharlotteCornaton

As she gently closes her eyes, her head delicately placed on her arm, her petite feet crossed, the girl imagines a better world.

She creates one where walking on the ground feels like stepping on a cloud, silent and peaceful.

One where the wind blows into her long dark hair and whispers sweet melodies into her ears. “The sun shining on you is a smile, the leaves rustle the poems that you deserve to hear, and the grass tickles your toes to make you laugh. We are here for you my child, your trust can never be broken”.
And so the girl smiles back at the sun, delights in the rhymes she hears and giggles wholeheartedly.

“This is happiness” she thinks. “That’s what I have been chasing my whole life and it is exactly how it should be.”

She loves the world around her and the world around her loves her back. This perfection she has aimlessly been after is finally here. She can feel it. She can feel its eternity. It is here to stay.

The wind comes back to play around her neck, caresses her cheeks and murmurs into her ear the words she had always wanted to hear: “We love you forever”.