Sunbeams – Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid by Johannes Vermeer

Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid by Johannes Vermeer

Daylight suddenly entered the room on a gloomy morning. Isabelle rushed through the never ending corridors, before rapidly knocking on Lady’s Bavaria door. Hopeless and morose , she still needed Isabelle to do her tasks around the house and sat staring into space as her maid busied herself around her.

On this occasion, as the maid rushed into the room, Lady Bavaria unexpectedly lifted her head from the pillow. Isabelle approached her  and whispered in her ear: ‘The sunbeams are illuminating  the desk Madam.’

With  these words, Lady Bavaria threw off  all the layers of wool, cashmere and rabbit fur under which she had wrapped  herself. Barefoot, she tiptoed lightly  along the long corridors, carefully holding her dress with one hand to avoid tripping.

At the sight of the pile of white pages shining under the sun rays, her face brightened. With joy and excitement, she made her way to the table while Isabelle pulled up a chair. It had been a while since she had seen her smile. As Lady Bavaria’s heart had started to sink into despair at the beginning of autumn, so had Isabelle’s.

The Lady’s hand trembled as she held the feather, but the words were flowing as if they had been captive in her mind and were  now finally set free on the pure white surface of the paper.