A Mutual Agreement – Married Life by Roger de la Fresnaye

Married Life by Roger de la Fresnaye

Listening to classical pieces, Bach and Hayden, the couple is sat  at home on a Friday night She is naked on a chair, leaning on the dining room table. He shares that same dining room table to support his back, but he is wearing clothes, the same ones he put on this morning before sipping his coffee and heading to work.
Their actual positions in their home mirrors their roles in t their relationship, and indeed  of how they met. Polar opposites, he cherishes order while she lets spontaneity dictate the days. Today being her day off, she never bothered to get dressed. In fact, as she heard the key turn in the key hole, she furtively glanced at the clock and found herself surprised at  the time. She had been sitting all day reading her book knowing she would have to prepare the meal she had promised her husband and hadn’t yet made.

While he walked energetically toward his flat, before taking out his key and methodically turning the lock from right to left, he amused himself by thinking about  the dining room all set up and a hot meal being laid down on the table by his elegantly dressed wife.
Instead, he found newspapers spread across the living room, books occupying nearly every inch  of the dining room table and a woman standing naked before him with dazed eyes. He laughed out loud and kissed her on the cheek, before reaching for an apple, while he took off his shoes and sat on the mustard-coloured armchair.
This was part of their mutual agreement: they accepted one another for who  they really were. Neither of them tried  to manipulate each other’s personalities or impose their rules.

While the murmur of the choir in the background sings along to Bach and Hayden’s melodies, the odd couple one naked, the other fully dressed sit for the rest of their Friday evening in love with  each other in their own respective, tender ways.