Revenge – Leopard by Maerten de Vos

Leopard by Maarten de Vos

‘I am furious.
Your people have invaded my territory. Look at them kneeling on my grass, praising the monuments of my land.
Go away and never come back.
You have been warned.
I will avenge my ancestors for the crimes you are committing. Thousands of jungle animals are marching in this direction, striding through the snow, the winds and the rain all at once.
Lions, panthers, cheetahs, hyenas, and tigers are marching toward this town. Will you be able to handle an army of quietly strong  predators? I believe you will not.
They will arrive at night, unannounced, when your men think they are safe in their tents, the homes they stole from the previous  inhabitants. At dawn, your people will lay inert on the floor, their faces scratched, blood streaming down their faces.
You will ask yourselves ‘why?’, fooled by your own ignorance.
You have hunted us for years now, wiping out some  of the most beautiful creatures, my brothers and my sisters. You don’t understand who we are and you believe that we cannot see behind your smiles and fake attention.
You attempt to tame us with food, enticing us into your nets to then suddenly rip off our heads which you proudly hang on your walls.
There is nothing you can do to make up for  your cruelty toward us. If we destroy your tribes and your families, that is only because you deserve it! Who do you think you are to attack  other species and impose your supremacy?
We are the kings of this land which we will defend to the death.’