Orpheus – Illustration Painting, Firebird by Edmund Dulac

Illustration Painting – Firebird by Edmund Dulac

From above, high in the sky, the young man sat on the feathers of his firebird, singing lullabies to his sweetheart. She had materialised from her bed into the depths of a forest. Laid in between a multitude of flowers, she appeared like an angel to the man whose suave voice covered her body with tenderness.

Each night, she would appear at the same place, under the same trees, in the same position. She held her hands close to her heart, her smile illuminating her face.
The first time he saw her, he had to slow down   the firebird to hover over her body, which was deeply asleep below. Orpheus’s mission was to throw sand in eyes of Earth’s inhabitants to invite them to enter their dreams. Each night, he paused his journey over the part of the world that was asleep to spend time with his sweetheart. She, too, was already in her dreams, an imaginary world where she would meet a man sat on a bed of orange feathers, singing sweet melodies and enchanted lullabies.

For her, he grabbed star dust which he delicately blew her way with a kiss, immersing her in magic and poetry. The two lovers had never spoken to one another yet they knew each other well. His voice twirled in her heart as she opened her eyes, fading in a murmur which she could feel trembling in her body. Orpheus felt his eyelids heavy and as his sweetheart woke up, he reminisced about her pure face and slowly drifted in the golden halo of her smile.