I will never know – Tsarevna-Lebed by Mikhail Vrubel

Tsarevna-Lebed by Mikhail Vrubel

This was her last glance at me and I did not know.
The wind surrounded her, playing with her body and my naïveté, and lifted the layers of satin in the air, making her appear like a swan. Her face, candid and melancholic never revealed her true emotions. She appeared strong when she was truly frail inside.

I thought I would see her one more time but I did not know.
In her white gown, wearing her princess crown, she looked like an angel, pure and almost unreal. With her left hand, she held the veil covering her shoulders, protecting her from the whims of the wind.

Her face expressed her disarray but I did not know
She sometimes murmured her sorrows. She hated herself for feeling that way. She admitted it from time to time, asking for reassurance which I never gave her.

Darkness inhabited the depths of her soul and I never knew
Guilt and remorse now reside within me and her face, staring back at me that one last time, haunts me daily. I often relive that moment in my dreams. I cry and scream her name asking her why she had to leave so abruptly but she never replies.
Instead, she smiles with her eyes and leaves a trail of love which I fail to catch.

My eyes are wet from my tears, and my heart confused and sad still wondering why I don’t know.