He sailed north and never came back – The Big Dory by George Bellows

The Big Dory by George Bellows

They used all their strength to pull Big Dory from the shore. They wanted to avoid the rain and the clouds that had made their way over the heads of the fishermen. Big Dory had been named after one of the sailors, Dory, who had disappeared during one of his escapade during a tumultuous day at sea. He hadn’t needed to sail that day, he had just wanted to take a break from his busy day. He had departed for the north and had never come back. However, the boat had, to the astonishment of his colleagues and his family.

In honour of their friend, the sailors had decided to keep the boat and rename it Big Dory. The spirit of the man who was known to be generous, but also quite melancholic, never seemed to have left the boat.

On that day, Big Dory would leave the coast to embark on a new journey with two fishermen: Alex and Vigor, both related to the man who had died at sea. His brother and cousin were nervous but were  holding back their emotions, as that day  marked the 10-year anniversary of their loved one’s  death. Margaret and the children came to see Big Dory being dragged off the sand. As they watched the sailors straining to move  the boat, they reminisced about  their own heartbreak and could not  help but shed a tear, secretly praying that Alex and Vigor would return safe and sound from their journey and that Big Dory would not let them down.


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