Can you? – Naiads by Gustave Doré

Naiads by Gustave Doré

Can you hear the naiads’ charming melodies on the wind?
Each note murmured in your ear is like an enchanted swirl of love delicately entering your soul. The sound is intoxicating, the wordless poems they sing melt your heart. You try to resist but are physically attracted to their angelic faces.
At first, you can hear nothing but the notes dancing with the clouds, flirting with the waves. You remain  conscious for sometime, but you surrender to their spellbound voices as their bodies emerge from the water. Here they are, impetuous, and yet delightful.

Can you see their voluptuous shapes undulating through the waves as the melody incessantly escapes their tender lips?
You do not own your body anymore. In fact, you see it floating far off. You try to reach the surface of the water but an angel of the sea takes your hand and invites you to swim further down. You perceive bodies elegantly twirling, long golden hair gliding through the ocean’s darkness, silhouettes escorting you to the depths  where no human has even been before.

Can you recall succumbing to their languorous gaze and inexplicable charms?
They invite you into their world and take care of you like mothers would their children. They look at you with expressive eyes. Their caring smiles reveal their eternal love, their devotion to you; they expect nothing in return. Your regrets feed their hunger and your disarray intensifies their chants. You thought you could survive the temptation of their melody but you have miserably fallen in love with them. As you drift through the lagoon blue water admiring their miraculous beauty, you are attracted to death.

Can you feel that your heart has stopped beating?

Listen to Mermaids by Hans Ziimmer, Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack


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