Yesterday it rained – The Dogano, San Giorgio, Citella, from the Steps by Joseph Mallord William Turner

The Dogano, San Giorgio, Citella, from the Steps by Joseph Mallord William Turner

Yesterday it rained. The city is now calm and appeased. The ripples  from the raindrops  have subsided.. The boats are standing still, patiently waiting for their owners. A light Breeze coming from the North has let herself in through the ramparts and is now skimming the columns.

Yesterday it rained. Morning is still recovering from the tumult of the Thunderstorm’s intrusion. The flashes of lightning appeared high in the sky, a fading for a brief instant to reappear vehemently elsewhere.

Yesterday it rained. The entire landscape changed its colour. From clear skies and light yellow beams, a greyish filter gradually settled on the surfaces of the brick walls of the houses and the asphalt of the roads. The vibrant green of the leaves became washed out and dull.

Yesterday it rained. After the last thunderbolt had echoed when it poured, silence remained. Mischievous, the Thunderstorm convinced the Wind, Rain, and Clouds, to participate in his whim. Like a child, it cried and screamed with all its might, stomping its foot on the ground, emitting long howls, unaware of its surroundings, closing its eyes and oblivious of others.

Yesterday it rained.  Jumping at the growling sound of the Thunderstorm’s voice, the inhabitants of the city curled  up in warm blankets, family members close to one another, hoping that the madness would cease.

Yesterday it rained. Today the sky looks otherwise. The Sun coming out from behind the Clouds, timidly spreads its light, unsure whether the Thunderstorm has left for good. Dawn in the city appears feeble and vulnerable. Yesterday’s rain damaged the Day’s confidence and scared it for a while.

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