Smiled with their eyes – The Kiss by Munch

The Kiss by Munch

It is dark, in the streets but not in their hearts.
Unsure of the time, conscious of their imminent reunion, the couple walks the squares and alleys looking for one another, guided by their respective attraction. She can feel his presence, physically strong and emotionally weak. He can imagine her eyes smiling at him, recounting, in endless ways, how much she cares for him.

The sinuous path they both take to meet mirrors the shape of their story.
It took numerous detours to find their way to one other, encountering doubts, desire, and despair on their journey. Shy and inexperienced, they both thought that they weren’t meant to be lovers.
They first noticed each other at church on a sunny Sunday, and then kept meeting occasionally  in the village. She heard rumours and giggles when she attempted to approach him. He lowered his eyes ashamed of his physique, and embarrassed   about his social rank. All this time, they had felt each other’s presence, intimidated by their feelings and afraid of their mutual passion, which they both ignored.

That was until the following autumn, when the streets became deserted by passers-by. Both Angelique and Gabriel came from opposite directions. Nothing could be heard, the sun had just set, and the wind blew the leaves from the floor, creating a wonderful spectacle surrounding the lovers. They paused. He took her right hand with his left. She sighed and took a step forward. She knew what he was trying to tell her, and as he moved his lips, she tightened her delicate fingers around his robuste palm.

Every time they stroll along this alley they remember.
Tonight is no different than the night they met. The air is perhaps crisper and the sun has already set, but the love filling their hearts while they embrace under the twilight is reminiscent of that time they held hands and smiled at each other with their eyes.


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