Beautiful Widow – Vénus pleurant Adonis by Courrège

Vénus pleurant Adonis by Courrège

The angels warned her of the carnage. Her beloved laying in the midst of the forest, inert, and dying. There was nothing they could have done to save him, wake his heart from the long night that had become eternal.

This vision was surreal. Too shocked to move her limbs, she did not even cover her eyes. Her first physical reaction was to place her left hand in the air in protest, and scream her pain. The light emanating from her white skin, which once shone for thousands of miles, had dimmed, revealing that she was losing her strength. The sight of her deceased beloved on the floor immobilised her, the floating silk and muslin covering her flesh around her body the only thing in motion.
The angel next to her could not believe this was the end for the soldier he had tried to protect throughout his life. With his tiny hands, he surreptitiously wiped away a tear or two, bowed his head as a sign of respect, while hiding his sorrow with all his might.
The beautiful widow stood aside for a moment, holding her lover’s hand, unable to react. She tried to bring him back to life until she realised that the harpoon at his feet had ended his life, and hers at the same time.
The feeling in her chest became unbearable, her throat burnt, and tears reached the corners of her eyes. Angst and sadness swirled in her core, creating chaos in her mind. She could discern the angel’s lips moving but could not hear what he had to say.

Memories arose from the bottom of her heart. All that she could perceive were images of herself and her beloved, all that she could feel was the remainder of her life without him. As panic seized her, her breathing became irregular and her eyes searched for an escape. In a hurry, she snatched the harpoon and thrust it into her own heart. Before she closed her eyes, a smile spread on her face. She was not a beautiful widow anymore.

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