The Shape of a Heart – La Chemise Rose by Kees van Dongen

La Chemise Rose by Kees van Dongen

The cat crossed the room and distracted her. For a fraction of a second, her eyes moved away from the camera and ruined the shot. He yelled at her for being so inattentive and said that she would have to pay for the lost shot. She bowed her head, focused on holding the tears back. As she bit her lip to shift her focus from this unbearable moment, he walked away from the room and left her alone. Upset by her behaviour, the young lady wearing a rose-coloured camisole looked up at the mirror at her side and wiped away the tear that had slipped out. The cat crossed the room again, this time using a different path, staring at the lady whom he had got in trouble.

Although an actress, she wore her emotions like clothes unable to suppress how she felt. This was perhaps also due to her young age or her inexperience in her field. Frail and angelic, her physique revealed her spirit. She wore her wide eyes and her petite lips like an extension of herself. The blue in her stare shone when she felt excited and her mouth took the shape of a heart when she was deeply engaged in conversation. People had taken advantage of her innocence many times and she had wondered how she could prevent it from happening again. As usual, millions of questions exploded like fireworks into her mind simultaneously, freezing her body and locking her eyes to the side. The feet of the photographer taking her portrait stomped towards her from the other room, unable to bring her back to reality.


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