A Heavenly Decor – Flaming June by Frederic Lord Leighton

Flaming June by Frederic Lord Leighton

Her delicate hand was placed on her porcelain skin, her thin lips covered the beauty of her smile, and the twirls of her hair undulated endlessly. She appeared in my dream under a luminous sunset one night.
Inserted in a frame, half-alive and half-surreal, the sleeping woman invited herself into my subconscious.
The folds of her flowy dress and the fabric she laid on had already begun to evanesce. The fragile aura surrounding her and the perfection of her flesh should have hinted at what was about to unfold.

A few moments before, unable to fall asleep, she had immersed herself into pleasant imaginary landscapes where she had shaped her own world, composed of dark feelings, and coloured with poetry. Free to open her heart and speak her truth, she had dreamt of days where she could be herself.
Time took the appearance of human beings, and as she walked slowly holding the Past’s hand, she skipped with the Present and ran wild with the Future.
Naked under her light dress, she felt the Wind flirt with her body, whispering how beautiful she was. The Rain washed away the sadness in her eyes, renewing hope in her heart. In between the raindrops, she danced with her pain, twirled with her guilt and embraced her shame. By the end of the day, she was exhausted. Crossing her legs on the chair covered in silks and resting her head on one of her arm, the Night sat next to her, caressing her hair, watching her child fall asleep while enveloping her with warmth and tenderness.
Her voluptuous body revealed, underneath the layers of muslin, the contour of her legs, her breast, and the arch of her back. Surrounded by heavenly décor, the sleeping woman gracefully curled up. The sun had set over the water and glimmered over her pure spirit. The subtle rays of light reached the extremities of her silhouette, melting the fabric and her hair, and her rose-coloured cheeks blushed in the glow of the golden hour.

A halo hovered over her, only to meld with her majestic, yet powdery, soft arms. Temporarily alive for the sake of my dream, the picture of this angel slowly faded away. As I woke up, in turn, she disappeared.

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