Rada – Resting by Antonio Mancini

Resting by Antonio Mancini

Rays of light grace Rada’s face and body. Unaware of the beauty she emanates, the woman stares into space, wondering how many hours until the night will fall on the world again. The braid she had her maid do the night before has disappeared into a twirl of curls. Rada’s freed hair enhances her porcelain skin and the natural blush of her cheeks. This uncovered arm, breast, and neck have never appeared so misleading. Her exposed body imposes its strength on the world. Rada’s eyes betray the anguish realising that. Awake all night, conversing with her demons, the woman has left the dark hours and her dilemmas unresolved, but she yearns for another chance to put them to rest.

For a fleeting moment, in between the sombre shadows and the light of day, she feels safe away from the noise of the real-world. Alone in her bedroom, Rada imagines that time has ceased, leaving her eternally suspended in her imaginary world. A realm covered in snow, a blizzard banging on doors creating a beat, a thunderstorm performing like a diva, flakes gracefully falling, entertaining their queen. She would never have to wake up, forever smiling at the present moment.

The party suddenly vanishes, silence takes over. She trembles at the sound of a shoe stepping on the old wooden flooring. Her heart has taken over the beat, it is now dull and heavy. She knows someone is coming. As her spirit calms, Rada lets the image of the room fade, the bed she is lying on, the sheet enveloping her body and the air touching her skin.


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