Overcast – Miranda by John William Waterhouse

Miranda by John William Waterhouse

She is sat on a rock, staring at the ocean. The waves gently brush the sand on their way to the shore, inviting it for a dance under the overcast sky. Some of the bold grains, unabashed, twirl with the froth, while the timid remain immobile on the ground.

The wind blows around Lucille’s shivering body, playing with the ribbon braided in her hair, and the delicate silk fabric undulate at the bottom of her dress. Her shoulders hunched over, her petite hands and feet crossed over one another, Lucille fixes on the horizon, oblivious that her surroundings are reflecting her mood. She had walked for a moment along the beach before pausing at this particular location. The hissing sound of the wind thumping the water had brought calm and peace to Lucille’s tormented mind. As she had approached the end of the path, she had taken her shoes off, wanting to feel her feet sink into the moist sand, covering her skin with the reality of the world.

Thoughts and memories roll like waves into her awareness, creating a heavy sensation that submerges to her chest. Lucille counts her blessings, telling herself that she is not allowed to feel that way, sad and empty. But tears manifest like storm clouds in the azure blue of her eyes and fill her heart with pain. Mesmerised by the beauty of the landscape around her, desolated by the tumult surrounding her, she cries.

As the Wind duly gathers the darker clouds over the disobedient ocean, the last rays of light evanesce to let the stars make the entrance on the Night sky’s stage. Lost within herself, Lucille gratefully welcomes the velvet black coat filling the sky. Alone with her disillusions, she is in a safe place to let the overflowing emotions invite her to dance endlessly under the watchful eyes of the Night.

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