The Moon and the Night – The Way to Hell by Alfred Kubin

The Way to Hell by Alfred Kubin

The sound of a Wagnerian classic melody plays as the thousands of souls march toward the tunnel of transition. Some have rallied in groups, others are walking alone following the shadows. The Night has woken up for the occasion, replacing the presence of the Sun, covering the Earth with darkness.

Serene and valiant, human beings look around and wonder why they are lead to places they have never been. They look up and admire the Night’s velvety coat. The Moon majestically sits high above, shining proudly and accompanied by mischievous twinkly stars.

The sound of the violin echoes in the tunnel, appeasing the hearts and resting the minds. Little soldiers entering the impalpable unknown are reassured and thus are less afraid. What is on the other side of this underpass? Intrigued, they keep walking. Hesitantly, they stare into each other’s eyes. Each one of them believes that if they stay close no one will suffer, discomfort will be avoided. Underneath the mesmerising melody, boots stomp on the road and echo the little soldiers’ heartbeats.

The Night rocks the bodies at they go through the tunnel, recounting a story unique to each person, the story of their lives. Men, women, and children revisit their past through images unfolding before their eyes. Half-conscious they follow the Night, the lullaby and the sound of their hearts which have slowed down. Now they are imperceptible.

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