A Cure for the World – Jesus Parmi les Docteurs by Tintoret

Jesus Parmi les Docteurs – Tintoret Via Musée du Luxembourg, Paris 2018

Looking for answers, they opened the books and read each line, searching in desperation for the truth. The god sent figure at the centre of the room appeared from nowhere, imploring the philosophers, intellectuals and thinkers to find a remedy to cure the world’s despair.
High above in the skies is a place of wisdom and creation. Human beings stand and labour on their feet all day and are unaware of the agitation their actions cause up above, the atmosphere surrounding the library and the study is calm, but on others, like today, an electrifying energy spreads around the marble stairs and ancient columns.
‘There must be an explanation to all this!’ exclaimed a disciple wearing a rose-coloured toga.
‘The source is not what needs to be understood, but rather the consequences of such precarious thoughts’ retorted an academic in a canary yellow gown.
While books were thrown on the floor and pages turned rapidly, the supreme order paused at times, emitting long sighs and gazing up in search of inspiration in the vastness of possibilities.

Down on earth, individuals become ill or lose their minds to chronic diseases, and there isn’t a single second to spare. The constant immoral behaviour has led society to become non-thinkers. These people are not able to enrich their culture nor make decisions for themselves anymore. The human brain has suffered as a consequence. Too many solutions and facts, not enough questions and issues to solve. Bodies march on the streets, hollow and emotionless, day after day. These people are searching for their destiny. Alas! It is probably too late to rescue them, perhaps their fate is already traced in the invisible book of life.

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