Dulcea and Filcea – Mystical Conversation by Odilon Redon

Mystical Conversation by Odilon Redon

She held her hand tight and lovingly whispered that she will have to go back on Earth and try one more time.
‘One more time,’ she said. ‘I know you can do it’.
Her murmurs are like heavenly secrets which translate the confidence of a woman whom has seen and lived everything.

The young Dulcea, with her long brown hair and her rose skin complexion, tilted her head forward perhaps to better hear what her aunt had to say, or to express her sorrow before a turn of events that she wasn’t expecting.

Earlier that day, she had plucked lilies and assembled them into a bouquet. She thought the sight of colourful vibrant flowers and the sky’s blue intensity would be all that she would ever encounter from now on. Now that she had joined Heaven, she was safe.

A swan and a dove flew together to deliver the message that Filcea, the Empress of the Sun but also her aunt was requesting/soliciting   a meeting/rendezvous with her under the ancient Greek columns located North from the third route, after the floating angel statue. On a bed of petals, Dulcea sat for hours waiting for her aunt to appear. Without a care in the world, she watched the wind play with the birds, chasing the pink candy floss clouds. She even tittered mischievously, catching herself being so happy and remembering the long gone days when she was sad.

As she heard the words leave  her aunt’s mouth, teardrops streamed  down her cheeks. Without moving any other part of her face, the drops found their way out from the corner of her eyes, leaving her jaw and falling to her collar bone to finally meet her heart.

In a couple of days she would return to Earth as her aunt promised. Back on Earth, together with living humans, a species she despised but whom she would be a part of.

Earlier that year, she fell from the balcony where she was watering her lilies. She crushed her frail head and never woke up again. A flying angel fetched her soul from Heaven where she magically re-appeared. Down on Earth, the reason of her fall remained mysteriously veiled. There had been no witnesses to attest of the sincerity of her accident but the furious and disappointed board of Emperors above had the feeling that this was all premeditated.

Filcea had been ordered to bring the girl back on Earth where she belonged. The flying angels didn’t take Dulcea by surprise. They waited for the night to fall and for her to meet Morpheus in her dreams. The latter embraced her and as he held her tight she vanished in a swarm of stardust. She was no longer an inhabitant of Heaven.

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