Cascade – Le Pont sur le Torrent by Hubert Robert

Le Pont sur le Torrent by Hubert Robert. Private Collection. Source:

A magical setting over an overspilling river. Vapours emanating from the cascade splash the dwellers’ faces. Hidden underneath a bridge covered in moss and shrubs, they undertake their daily chores noticing the marvel which unfolds before their eyes.

The morning was still dark, as grey clouds hovered over the dreamy landscape. But as time went by, rays timidly disseminate their light and joy to this piece of heaven. The fall of the water onto more water creates a background sound reminiscent of a constant whisper. Perhaps it is due to the early hour, or perhaps it is the dwellers’ astonishment and their profound respect for their dreamlike homeland which keeps them quiet and reverent. A coral, pistachio and powder blue palette gradually conquers the scene, comfortably shining under the sun.

Dwellers’ faces lift toward the sky, inviting the warmth onto their skin, letting softness caress their flesh and melt their sorrows away. As they close their eyes and concentrate on the sound of the water hitting the surrounding rocks, an ethereal beam of hope arises and penetrates each heart, sending love and compassion to the child of the Universe.

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