Lullaby – Mirror Lake by Franklin Carmichael

Mirror Lake by Franklin Carmichael

Mountains are mirrored in the lake. Their sandy colour appears like golden sun rays reflecting on the surface of the water. Trees stretch their elongated shapes into the depths and reach an imaginary sky. Hills and dunes create an undulating landscape. Pastel colours appease the body and soothe spirits.

There is not one element from this natural and pure landscape which doesn’t resonate with calm. If I close my eyes I can hear a lullaby. The melody dances with the wind, together they blow my sorrows away. From behind the mountains, voices emit a soft song reminiscent of a choir murmuring into my ears. The image of the mountains remains intact in my mind. In a meditative state, I am able to voyage and transport myself to agreeable places where nothing is troublesome.

Each step I take is a word, and each hill I leap onto the end of a verse. This enchanted landscape I wander over is a Wordsworth poem, vivid and unclouded.

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