Monastery – Le Poème de l’Ame -8. Cauchemar by Louis Janmot

Le Poème de l’Ame -8. Cauchemar by Louis Janmot

The monastery echoes the light steps coming from underneath the arches. Muslin meets the invisible wings of the wind, failing to catch a piece of fabric, twirling among itself, disappearing into the vastness of the monastery.
Elegant, clad in grey, barefoot, the nurse runs over the bicoloured marble tiles covering the entire building.
The sound of the nurse trying to catch a young girl throughout the property has woken up several of the monks finishing their night. It is still dark outside and even though the monks are used to getting up at dawn, this is too early. The girl still wears her nightgown and seems distraught by the lady in grey chasing her.
The lady in grey has a strange look on her face but also a dormant child on her shoulder. The latter reminisces about an angel with her white and pure dress, her golden curls and her innocent hand holding the lady’s affectionately. Still in her sleep, still unconscious of her surroundings, she keeps on dreaming in Morpheus’ arms.
All three characters appear like ghosts haunting the corridor of a saint space.

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