Dreaming of Anything Else than Heaven – Cupid and Psyche by Anthony van Dyck

Cupid and Psyche by Anthony van Dyck

It was a beautiful morning. In a meadow at the entrance of a forest lay a girl on an azure cape. Inert, she seemed to have fallen asleep. Her limbs were lifeless, her breath almost non-existent, and her chest was not moving. Could this peaceful person have been dreaming of anything else than heaven?
A man endowed with white bright wings in the middle of a flight across the sky, glanced beneath him and saw death emanating from a frail immobile body. He propelled himself down onto the surface of the Earth. As he stepped on the bed of grass on which the body was laying, he reached a hand towards its face. Intimidated by her dainty traits and the pallor of her skin, the man wearing wings approached the lady nervously. Swayed in a coral satin sheet, he made sure he was decent as he came closer.

He, passionate and alive, leaned over her, emotionless and dormant.

Together they formed a couple which, if they had not been separated by a fraction of a second, could have lived happily ever after for eternity. The blow of the wind and a last breath of air sufficed to part these two souls. He was meant to find her before she passed away. To avoid the sensations of the poison in her body, the lady opened her book to concentrate on one last word. One last beautiful verse from the collection of love poems she had been reading all these years waiting for him to return. She thought he wouldn’t come, worse, that he had forgotten her. How could he? Although miles away, she was all he could picture, all he could imagine while daydreaming flying over sumptuous landscapes, meeting gods and goddesses, and conversing with iconic philosophers. His journey would take him to her, he knew it from the bottom of his heart and when on his way back, he reminisced about her touch, her lips and her gaze, he smiled ever so lovingly.
He drifted away from his course, the wind playing games with his body, blowing hard into his innocent golden hair, grazing his perfect skin. Annoyed yet building anticipation to finally embrace his beloved, the young man took advantage of his slowing down to calm his nerves and breathe. Synchronised, always acting in unison even parted, the last breath of air he inhaled would be the last one she emitted.
Alone in the empty field, he heard nothing but the hiss of the leaves and the echo of his screams haunting him from afar. Surrounded by a hoard of ghosts and demons who came to escort his love to the land of death, he held on to her body, grabbing the azure silk, hooking his fingers to her flesh, and covering her body with his. In an instant of despair, he wished they would take him away too.
What felt like eternity lasted in truth a couple of seconds. Still gripping the silk cape on which his beloved lay for hours, he impregnated himself with her scent. Pain invaded his body, torturing his soul, keeping him from respiring. Tears ran along his cheeks. Unable to open his eyes to face the reality of this moment, he decided to linger close to where she died. He remained weakened, frail and in great despair until he could no longer reason his existence on Earth.

And as he waited one more instant to wake from his nightmare, he too lay emotionless and dormant on a bed of grass.



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