Bread – Marie Cézanne by Paul Cézanne

Marie Cézanne by Paul Cézanne

Fierce and unapologetic, little Marie braves the rain and the clouds to feed her family today. A scarf over her head, knotted down underneath her chin, she walks for hours from one village to another to sell her apples, in search for a couple of coins to buy bread for tonight.

At home, her aunt and youngest cousin are heating up the soup, waiting for their little Marie to return. They will reward her with a hot bowl and a big chunk from that loaf she will bring back.

Clad in grey, almost imperceptible against the overcast sky, Marie walks fast, takes breaks to reclaim her breath and walks fast again. She hopes to return before the sun sets, before the night takes over the day. The basket of apples she carries on her back is too large for her frame but courageous and intrepid Marie suffers in silence, dreaming of a slice of bread.

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