A Mirage, An Illusion – The Opium Smokers Dream by Gulácsy Lajos

The Opium Smokers Dream by Gulácsy Lajos

It’s a mirage, an illusion. Five friends hover over an eerie landscape comprised of mushrooms, plants, a fish, a boat, and the sea. The transparent vapour creates a mist hiding their silhouettes. Half immersed in a phantasmagoric setting, half present in our reality, the characters live their lives fully. The dolce pastel palette of corals, almonds, and pistachios create an ephemeral edible foreground. Vanilla and orange blossom scents embalm the surroundings, delving our friends in a world of bubbles and palpable dreams. One of the serene faces seems to have drowned underneath the depths of a beige liquid while another one seems caught in a mesmerising yet unreal movie. Which one will vanish first? Dream or reality? It is hard to discern what is real from  what is part of our imagination, but sometimes it is pleasant to just let the waves of the sea calmly rock our thoughts, slowly leading us into a mirage, an illusion.

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