Diva – Musical Fête by Giovanni Paolo Panini

Musical Fête by Giovanni Paolo Panini

The disturbing yet inevitable hubbub  occurring before the start of the performance whittles down to make place for  silence. The curtain rises. Trumpets powerfully lead instruments, followed by the violins’ lamentations and the flutes’ sighs. The concert has started to spread its magic over the enchanted spectators. Not a peep can be heard from the audience. . All eyes are set on the orchestra and the diva walking along the stage . Resplendent in her red gown, she proudly lifts her head high, acting fierce as if she was on top of the world, secretly wishing she really was.

But this is a performance, and a make-believe representation of an altered reality. The character she plays is the one of a goddess worshiped by a committed crowd. Human souls who will follow her no matter where she goes, obey no matter what she orders. Her beauty radiates from within, charms not only the men but the entire population. The diva plays the role of a queen leading a country to victory. Her voice translates her actions and her tone describes her emotions. She does it beautifully and the audience is captivated. The sounds emanating from the instruments twirl around her, escorting and dancing along the notes coming out from her mouth.

During the time of the  opera, the diva turns into a divinity, an important personality from whom  the world cannot be deprived. When the curtain falls, reality hits her and her heart breaks in silence. Away from the opera and the instruments, it will restore  itself only next time, the time of the  performance.






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