A Rainbow of Colours – Carnival by George Stefanescu

Carnival by George Stefanescu

They have all come surrounded by a rainbow of colours. Each sparkling from within, projecting their light to the world. Their ghostly apparition in the modest landscape of a meadow is an astonishment and a pleasure. Holding against each other tightly, their tones blend into one another creating unexpected gradients. Mauves, canary yellows, fuchsias, glimpses of greens, touches of maraschino cherry reds harmoniously overrun the sky, the grass, and the silhouettes.

Hats and musical instruments take part in this family portrait of humble characters leaving the carnival for their homely houses. As they walk away from the party, they carry the orchestra’s chords and the children’s laughter, together resonating one last time in the echo of the mountains. In the middle of the meadow, a group of colourful souls lend their joy to a sulky day.

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