Patchwork of blues and browns – Carcase in Swamp by Sidney Nolan

Carcase in Swamp by Sidney Nolan

There is a carcase lying on a ground made of clouds. The sky is upside down topsy-turvy and has been replaced by a patchwork of blue and brown patterns. There is a carcase sheltering a desert where no living souls, no flowers have been seen. Emerging from the earth, the head of the animal resurfaces to haunt the empty landscape. Fine trunks of dying trees are the only inhabitants of this surreal setting.

There is a lost carcase doubting its purpose, one eye opened, scanning the surroundings in quest for another carcass of the same type. The rest of the body is twisted somewhere underneath the sand and the water. Unable to move, the carcass remains in the same position and stares at the sky and the ground, wrong side up. It doesn’t really know but who cares, alone in the desert, the world is whatever the carcase makes of it.

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