Winter and Spring – Landscape No 230 by John Virtue

Landscape No 230 by John Virtue

The dull sound of the snow echoes through the sky to come back and crash on the silence’s harsh coat. Nothing can be heard, no one can be seen. The wind hisses through the branches of naked trees. Winter imposes his presence and stands still. He doesn’t want a door to be opened, an eye to blink, nor a soul to breathe.

Cold, under the order of Winter, freezes the landscape for an imminent death. Smoke has ceased out from the chimneys, lights have quit reflecting from the windows, and voices haven’t emitted a sound for a while. Winter rejoices his victory, shutting down an entire village by using his feared weapon: cold. Cold can turn rain into snow, immobilise human beings’ limbs, and freeze the air. Instead of life, quietness remains. Winter dreads only one thing: his sudden disappearance when Spring interferes with his mater plans.

Spring is sly. She will send her lukewarm winds to flirt with the ice. As she harnesses her sled with flowers and ribbons, she sends a couple of her birds ahead. They tweet and timidly sing at first, unsuspected by Winter who guards his realm with vigilance and mistrust. On her way to the glacial weather hovering the earth, Spring accompanied by a swarm of birds and insects spreads tears of joy over the white mountains. They descend along the slopes and their warmth melts the snow away, creating a torrent of sadness which streams over the grass. Flinching in despair, Winter howls his pain away, aware that his time has come to let Spring reign over the world and restore life on this day.

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