Forever Night-Time – Cloud Island Tom Hammick

Cloud Island by Tom Hammick (Via One Art Citizen)

Far away from Earth is an isolated planet where reigns the night. Living creatures, trees, flowers, houses, and boats have a lamp which brightens on command. At the sound of a voice, the hiss of a leaf, a button on a wall, light illuminates the surrounding surfaces. Stars shine high above the island, at times they form a multi-coloured constellation, at other times, they blend in the darkness of the night. The Earth always stands out in the background of the island. Dwellers often wonder what it would be like to visit this unknown planet. Is it spacious, busy? Maybe it is empty. The sailor has tried many times through complicated calculations to find how many hours he would have to sail to meet the surface of the earth. He attempted the voyage, but always came back exhausted and hungry. He refuses to give up and each time he packs more food and takes more breaks, in vain. The sun never sees daylight and can never impose its rays. It’s night time forever on the island, its inhabitants sleep, rest and dream for eternity.


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