Oyazollo – Blind by Mykola Yaroshenko

Blind by Mykola Yaroshenko

They embarked on this journey several days ago. Travelling with their bare necessities, a few fruits and hope anchored in their hearts. Giopollo’s illness is the reason for their sudden departure for Oyazollo.

The earth is barren and the air is dry. The cold wind coming from the East prevents them from walking as fast as they wished. At night, they seek for a hostel, a charitable soul who will shelter them, warm covers, a bowl of soup. The Kamishkove have always remained close. The family endured diseases and deaths, recovering and grieving in silence together. The nearest doctor is far away in the capital. It will take them three more days to reach the agitation of the city. Without losing time they will knock on the doctor’s door and demand for a consultation. All their money will be placed on the table and the boy will stand in before the doctor.

Cloaked in poor-quality layers, smelling of hay and breathing hard, Giopollo will be treated by the generous doctor and survive. The Kamishkove will bring back home a healthy boy and all their money.

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