Oh! Eden! – The Elder by The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man by Jan Brueghel

The Elder by The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man by Jan Brueghel

Oh! How marvellous it is to take a plunge in the water left from the earlier rain!

Oh! How pleasant it is to feel the crisp air! The air! Softly caressing our skins, brushing our hair away! Flowers are blooming next to leaves crawling on trunks like some of us on fresh cut grass!

Hanging on a tree, stepping on earth staring at the sun, eating everything at sight!
Oh! Eden, how we have missed you!

We are reunited when we did not think it was ever going to be possible!

Day and night we praised gods and goddesses, nymphs and elves for the return of our green trees and our intrepid winds!

Please tell us this is forever, as without you we were destined to a world of infamy!

Horse, Swan and Bull have recovered their blushed cheeks and their mischievous glare!

Oh! How poignant it is to observe nature glowing and feeling animals bustling across the landscape!

Look at Lion proudly marching in between Horse and Ostrich! Look! Here! On your left! No that’s my left! Oh Eden! I am so confused and happy that I am stammering!

Oh! I am so glad to have you back in my life, Eden, back in my heart, your blood flows in my veins, you allow us to breathe! Finally!

You are my mother, Eden! You are our Mother, to all of us!

Never leave us again!

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