Half – Portrait of Marguerite Khnopff by Fernand Khnopff

Portrait of Marguerite Khnopff by Fernand Khnopff

She stands in the entrance, half-in, half-out. Her left hand holding her right arm, half-posing, half-nonchalant.

Dressed in white, swathed in fabric, she appears like an angel, half-alive, half-deceased.

On her right a golden mirror where she glanced at her reflection before stepping into the hallway. Unsure of where she has to stand, she decides to pause and wait, half-timid, half-assertive.

Nothing in her stare betrays her emotions. Even her smile never translates how she really feels inside, half-poised, half-tortured.

She is lost in her own train of thoughts. Thinking of a passage she read in a book, or reminiscing about a moment from the past, half-present, half-gone.

If you talk to her, she will probably stare at you for a while before opening her mouth and then closing it. She will bat her eyelashes slowly, elegantly as if we were in a romance movie, half-charming, half-hiding.

Her body is a façade, underneath the layers of fabric and skin lies the soul of a complicated woman whom no one ever understood, half-sacred, half-immortal.


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