Mythical Creature – The Cackabakah Falls by Paul Kane

The Cackabakah Falls by Paul Kane

Water falls on rocks and earth. Infinite droplets now form a gigantic flow which advances like a mythical creature. The sounds of the waves splashing against staggered stones is astounding. The closer I come to the edge of the cliff, the more I feel small. I am sitting with my travel companion, staring at the immensity of the sky, admiring the depths of the water.

Grey clouds hover from the West, intentionally moving in slow motion, creating a protective coat over our frail human bodies. Although I am mesmerized by the landscape which unfolds before me, I am also terrified. These natural elements- water, clouds, and earth-which I encounter in my daily life today multiplied and surround me all at once, speaking a language I do not understand.

My travel companion lifts one arm in the direction of the sky. By his gesture, I understand that he wants to express his gratitude to the Earth he has been allowed to borrow. We both regret actions that we have taken in the past, behaviours which we could have avoided. It is too late now, only our future efforts will salvage our condition.
We sat reflecting until the last cloud sheltered us with tenderness, until the last star gave us its blessing, and until our eyes closed to the stillness of the night.

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