Okamoto-San – The Trio, Tokyo, Japan by Lilla Cabot Perry

The Trio, Tokyo, Japan by Lilla Cabot Perry

They have been rehearsing all afternoon. Three sisters are each playing a different instrument. Gabrielle is at the piano, Lucy the cello, and Patricia the violin. Together they have been sitting in the same room their entire childhood, repeating each note, each melody a million of times under the attentive stare of their father. Okamoto-San was a former pianist himself and early on he passed his love for music to his daughters.

Although only Gabrielle was talented, he encouraged the two other sisters to work hard and sat with each one an hour a day. Turning the pages of their scores, dealing with their frustration for an instrument they did not truly care for, he taught them patience and perseverance.

Lucy and Patricia, obedient, never complained. They both took it upon themselves to do as their father wished. With respect and admiration for an individual who raised them by themselves with a meagre salary, all they wanted was to please their father.
Between them there is no rivalry. Lucy and Patricia have understood for quite some time that Gabrielle was the gifted child. She never had to sit through afternoons and evenings staring at a page filled with lines and notes.

The sound emanating from the combination of each instrument creates a peaceful melody which Okamoto-San enjoys sitting in the corner of the room, his eyes closed, reminiscing about the years when he too could play as well as Gabrielle.

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