Spirit – Keeper of the Dark Copse II by Alan Reynolds

Keeper of the Dark Copse II by Alan Reynolds (Via Tate)

Alone amid the sinister shadows, a pale silhouette erupts.
Unafraid, untouchable, proud, and hopeful, the spirit braves the monsters.

He must find the smallest spark of light to continue his journey through the darkness. His life is made of silence and nonsense. With all the courage each day grants him, he wakes up and screams his vision loud and clear to the world.

He believes his mission is to reach the day of his death with as much glee as he possibly can. Some days his heart sinks in despair, other days it overspills with joy.

Projects, dreams and objectives are his friends. Together they advance past the many obstacles hurting his path. The latter take him by surprise or stand tall preventing his smallest steps. He shouts, curses, cries, stomps his feet on the ground sometimes. When he is done feeling sad he inclines his head and looks straight ahead.

At times the spirit remains immobile. He wonders if the tears that come out from his eyes originate from his heart as he feels something prevents him from breathing normally. He forces himself to inhale vigorously while he cries to empty his heart of tears.

Amid the monsters, he envisions twinkly stars and bright moons as his companions along the voyage of life.  He is not alone.

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