One of Each Species – Birds in a Park by Melchior d’Hondecoeter

Birds in a Park by Melchior d’Hondecoeter

Early morning at the farmyard. The guinea fowl took the role of the rooster and caws. Birds are the first ones awake in the farm. Their piercing chants echo from their nests, cross the corn fields to land in the villagers’ ears. Half-awake they scream back to the disorderly flock of birds. They want to make themselves heard, it is morning and they want breakfast.

Some of them are pecking their beaks on the ground searching for grains and seeds. There is one of each species living together in this farmyard: a turkey, goose, quail, pheasant, duck, hen, rooster, and a guinea fowl fighting over space, over food, over dominance.

Unaware of the autumnal coloured rainbow beauty of  their coat, the animals impose their grandiosity by their unique presence.

Early morning in the farmyard. Awakened by the sound of the birds, the aroma of coffee spreads through the now opened windowsills, inviting the sun to come in and shine on faces, illuminating eyes and warming people’s hearts.

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