2079 – From an Omnious Chord by Boris Margo

From an Omnious Chord by Boris Margo

Agitation. Trouble. Machines. Industrial. Hues.

In the forefront of a salmon and light grey background, abstract mutants interact.
This is 2079. Humankind has developed avatars to live for themselves while they hide in the comfort of their homes. The creatures, designed per everyone’s personal choices are programmed to work, shop, travel, and socialize.
Humans send them as a substitute to interact with other avatars. They relay instantly their current activities. Protected by firewalls included in their setups, individuals control the type of feedback: 100% positive, 30% negative and 70% positive, 70% negative and 30% positive. Although no one has ever programmed their avatar to report negative feedback, the risk of being hurt is too valuable.
As a result, in 2079, human beings are born and remain single for the rest of their lives, alone in their flats.

It all started out as a joke in 2020 with simple smart phones. These electronic devices could capture someone’s life, turn it into a positive and dreamlike movie for other humans to watch through their screens. Everything feels better in a whirl of love and happiness, as fake as it can be. There had been a high demand for the creation of these avatars. Inhabitants of Earth thought that they had found Heaven.

Today, Tuesday 9 January 2079, programmable smaller versions of humans walk the streets of London confident, arrogant and utterly superficial. They are the projections of their masters’ personalities, moods and charisma. Hiding in their blankets and thick layers of wool, humans allow themselves to be soft as no one watches. They can be as assertive as they can wish outside of their cosy worlds. If they programme their creatures well, they never have to worry about backbiting, hypocrisy, and gossip from the outside world.

The morphing mutants have inventive faces and shapes. Humans are still creative. Their imagination seems freer when they are not exposed to violence and hate. Marvellous abstract life forms brave the intensity of life in a salmon and light grey background.

Poetry. Coexistence. Hardship. Feedback. Trust.

Read while listening to Piano Concerto No3 SZ119 BB127 II Adagio Religioso Bela Bartok

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