Ancient Home – Haunted House by Thomas Moran

Haunted House by Thomas Moran

Under the haze, the sun sets. Above the derelict ruins of an ancient home, twilight hovers peacefully.
In the sky, rose hues blended with grey tones encircle the house with softness and maternal care.
Plants have invaded the surroundings, savagely and freely seizing each brick, each foundation. They grow beside the walls, within the home’s heart, crawl up to the roofing, stating to the world that they  will never let it go. The different leaves, a palette of autumnal tints embellish the aged stones which compose the body of the abandoned house. Searching for a haven to rest their tired souls, lost spirits wander the space. Their passage in between the empty rooms creates a halo inside the house. In the stillness of the evening, leaves rustle and grains of buoyant dust  materialise their presence.

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