The moss, the light and the hope – Forest Troll by Theodor Severin Kittelsen

Forest Troll by Theodor Severin Kittelsen

Ugly and terrifying, covered in trees, moss and mud, the giant awakes. He lost an eye in a battle during which he fought against a giant awakened by an ice storm. The spike of a stalactite thrown by his opponent pierced his right eye, leaving him blind from one eye and inconsolable.

Through his eyes as bright as the sun, in the shape of a fireball, he could illuminate his sight both in reality and spiritually. Aware of his hideous, repellent appearance, all the giant wishes is to make good to the path of whomever he crosses. His eyes reflect his kindness, absorbs the evil in each of us and fills it with compassion and patience. These are virtues he had to learn to acquire through the years, when he realised he was born a hideous creature with a humble spirit.

Now the giant has only one eye. He cried for days, months, years, decades, before finally accepting his fate, forgiving his opponent and deciding how he wanted to handle one more inadequacy.

He rises as a shadow in the middle of a dream or a thought. When nothing is right, hopeless, he gleams through the dark underneath his costume and shines bright. His luminous  eye is uneasy to perceive but that has become his strength. Finding light in the middle of despair is a million times more rewarding than if it was sitting just there.


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