A Day in the Life – Unknown title by Lin Fengmian

Unknown title by Lin Fengmian

Quietly sitting on a branch, delicately gripping the green tubular shape with his paws, the bird wakes up.

He turns his head left, and then right. Hidden by the drooping leaves, he admires the sun rise and the entire fauna waking up in the middle of the jungle. Already, some rays penetrate the dense layers of trees, lianas, and other tropical foliage. The air has the scent of fresh cut grass, and has covered the landscape with a thin coating of dew.

This is the bird’s favourite moment of the day. When the night slowly turns into daylight the world and all living beings remain still only to be illuminated by a brighter light. The day is made of unknown elements, undiscovered perspectives, and unpredictable interactions.

At times it is frightening and cruel, as if nothing could remain as the previous day.
But today, on this early morning, while the earth awakes, all the bird has to do is sit on a green branch, grab it with his pawns and smile at the view.

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