At midnight sharp – The Kiss by Francesco Hayez

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez

It happened at twilight in an obscure alley. She entered the door in the shape of an alcove and glanced around her, unafraid. He steadily came down the stairs, feeling her presence and controlling his breathing.
Their meeting point was at the end of the staircase, in between the palace’s North and East wing, at midnight sharp. They would either dive into the new day together, or they would end the previous night alone.

Both knew they would find each other. As soon as they pronounced their last words, they knew. They knew their beginnings will be a kiss.

As they took a step towards one another, their bodies immobilised, resisting the temptation of a brisk movement, a spontaneous motion which could spoil this perfect moment.

He reached for her hand first, staring into her eyes with passion and tenderness. Her fingers interlaced into his, delicately laying her other hand onto his shoulder, grabbing his body with the thought of never letting go. He desired to hold her but worried that he would scare her. So, he brushed her cheeks while caressing her soft hair.

Brightened by the moon, the two lovers succumbed to their mutual attraction and vow never to part again, the kiss tying this bond into the night.

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