A formidable apparition – Landscape with Rainbow, Henley on Thames by Jan Siberechts

Landscape with Rainbow, Henley on Thames by Jan Siberechts

The storm retires from the sky, leaving a trail of dust in the air. As the atmosphere slowly evolves from darkness to light, rainbow beams emerge from the heavens. The village and the meadows are still plunged into the shadows.

Painfully ascending from the blue horizon, rays illuminate here the cattle, and there the river. Dwellers have confined themselves in their homes, uncertain of when the storm will cease its whims.

In a mere instant, nothing will be the same. When hopelessness’ reign comes to an end, promises triumph. When an undesirable omen is rubbed away by grey clouds, a white glimmer soothes concerned spirits. The rain washed away fears and worries, creating a formidable apparition. Without the passage of the storm and the anticipated arrival of a clear sky, the multi-coloured rainbows would have no reason to exist.

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