Julie – Le Goûter by Marie Bracquemond

Le Goûter by Marie Bracquemond

With her blushy cheeks and pale foundation, the girl who looks like a doll, reads. Her book is a biography, the thrilling life of a Queen of England. Inspired by women who have achieved greatness, little Julie dreams of a similar future for herself.

She has never fitted in, nor has she ever wanted to be part of a group. She barely has one friend, and interacts mostly with her cat, Leonie.
Leonie, who has leaped off from the table she was  sat at and almost tipped over the pot of milk. Her mistress now stares disdainfully at her, as if she were a real person.

Julie has a unique persona which can be perceived as eccentric from an outside perspective. She dresses funny. Today, she wears a pastel blue dress enhanced with polka dot lace and an assorted bonnet with a washed out rose ribbon.

In the midst of giggles and music, Julie inhabits her own world. She crafts her own personality based on the characters from the book she devours. Not alone in her garden, her cousins and friends have come visit. Invited by Julie’s mother who thought they could distract her from her rêveries, they brought presents and are now tasting the cake.
Not even on her own birthday will Julie pause her reading. Instead, she is having tea and a few grapes while staring at the agitated cat from the corner of her eye.

One day, she will travel to foreign lands: Lapland, Iceland or the North Pole. She has always loved winter. The snow makes her feel homey, warm and cozy inside. No one understands her, so she has left her thoughts and dreams to wander her own head. Leonie will come along, of course.

For now, Julie goes back to her reading, sipping her tea, ignoring the noise and delving into her own imagination, where wonders are no longer miracles but part of her reality.



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