Queen – Sissi by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Sissi by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Kunsthistorisches Museum – Wien, Austria)

Majestic, with queenly aspect, gracefully glancing at us. We succumb to her royal charms.
Although she doesn’t need one, she wears her headdress enhanced with precious silver jewellery like a crown. Radiating with humility and kindness, she attracts light around her. Light which shines on her Chantilly airy dress adorned with a golden petal rain.
The fan in her hands dispels  the warm summer night air blushing her cheeks.

Although reminiscent of a fairy tale character, the princess concerns herself more with current affairs. Soon, she will inherit the throne and govern a country. She carries strength and ambition underneath layers of femininity and grace.

Tonight, she admires the sunset. Standing next to an innocent bouquet of rose magnolias, turning her head away from a tormented grey sky, she appreciates her loved ones, the palace she calls home, and the generosity of life for offering her the best, every day.

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