A bit tipsy – Monstrum in animo by Yves Laloy

Monstrum in animo by Yves Laloy

The bird tip toes on the warm sand.

A bit tipsy, a bit lost, the bird tip toes to the notes of the ukulele. Along his merry walk, several other avian  companions join him, creating a vibrant cortege, made of tropical colours and marching in an unsteady gait.

It is early morning under the Hawaiian sun, friends attempt to find their way home, while early birds begin their day.

Reminiscing about  the previous night, laughter and joy, the birds alternatively stroll, strut, and painfully drag themselves across  the hot burning grains of sand.

Blinded by the, their eyes remain half-closed. The melody of a tired ukulele played by an exhausted bird-friend accompanies at a slow tempo the group to their respective nests.

None of the tipsy birds will reach the comfort of their homes.

At the sight of a deserted shack near a palm tree shadow, they crash on the warm sand. Their eyelids close after the other like falling dominoes, in unison until the last note of the ukulele.

Listen while reading: Hawaiian Paradise by Waikiki Hawaiian Guitars

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