It used to be green – Love of Winter by George Bellow

Love of Winter by George Bellows

Yesterday it snowed. Today, friends and families have gathered the white park in the white park. Everywhere, it used to be green. Fresh cut grass acted as a temporary layer where red and yellow autumn leaves would land carefully.

Today it is a winter landscape, thick flakes blanket the ground, which has morphed into a fluffy carpet where each step sounds squeaky.

Children hold their parents’ hands, forcing them to walk deeper toward the center of the park. Parents reluctantly and blindly follow boys and girls animated by the simplicity of nature. Their faces illuminate and their eyes shimmer with  joy.

Elegantly cloaked in warm scarves and gloves, adults glance at one another with benevolence and glee. There is no time to exchange salutations, they are too occupied being dragged hastily by their blissful children.

In a couple of days, it will be Christmas. The extraordinary holiday punctuated with charming carols, vivid wreaths of reds and greens, and invisible happiness transpiring from people’s hearts.

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