Her and Him – Paysage Montagneux by Andre Bauchant

Paysage Montagneux by Andre Bauchant ©Andre Bauchant

The sinuous lines of the mountain reflect in the sinuous lines of the waves. Alone in a barque, two lovers float towards unknown lands.
Him, guiding her through the marshes. Her, admiring his protective gaze  over her.
The weather is humid and the atmosphere dense. Under the overcast skies, romance buds.
Soon, raindrops will cascade  from the layers of clouds. Some will reach the depths of the water, others will delicately land on the castle’s bricks, while a few will surprise the couple. In a rush, the gentleman will paddle hastily towards the nearest shore. The lady will in turn, guide her lover to the village nestled  in  the curve.
He will feel deceived for ending this perfect day under the rain, she will laugh and amused, take his hand, relishing  the instant.
Over a warm cup of tea, they will shiver and stare at each other. Her, letting him know that it’s okay. Him, smiling back with his eyes.

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