Stardust – Mask with Moon by Vajda Lajos

Mask with Moon by Vajda Lajos

Among the stars, he shines. Among the unspoken world of dreams, she radiates. Both are stars illuminating the somber skies. Is there a life in the night? When the Sun goes to sleep, the Clouds rise up to the Heavens, and the Moon, fragile and magnificent, descends and lets her children invade the dark atmosphere.

They visited my dreams, I saw stardust twinkling over my head and, as I looked up, they shone even more. Was it a sign, a hello, or perhaps a smile? Both were present, and in the moment I cried. I cried of sadness in my dream and yet hoped I would never wake up. I wished to feel them near me forever. I didn’t know where they went, I didn’t know if they would ever be able to see each other. Tonight, in my dreams they were. The Mother Moon perhaps let them play with one another.

Are they always present when I sleep? They found me at last and while I worried about my life on earth, they materialized in my dream, carefree. And I could not believe it was them, and I could not believe how grateful I felt, and I could not believe that when I would open my eyes they would be gone. Again.

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