Sybille – La feria de Santiponce by Manuel Rodriguez de Guzman

La feria de Santiponce by Manuel Rodriguez de Guzman

Under a bright blue sky, guarded by an overlooking castle perched on the hills, the court advances into the forest in search of amusement and delight.

Men walk next to the car while women nestle under rich fabric drapes laid over their heads. Bulls, extravagantly clad in crimson velvet, pearls, and pompoms, led by a distracted young coachman, tow the carriage toward unknown destinations. A man wearing a toreador costume sits at the edge of his saddle, a hand laying on his hips. While no one pays attention, he nonchalantly makes conversation to a lady in white.
“Will you dance with me at the next ball?” the young man daringly asks. “I asked you the same question last year this time and you said you would think about it, and then you went off and invited Sybille, ” the lady retorts. “Now it is my time to think about it.”
The gentleman comes back down on his horse, half-outraged, half-charmed by the lady’s proposition. Coralie, sitting behind her friend, has eavesdropped the entire conversation and now whispers and giggles into her ear, discreetly staring at Sybille.

When all the others simply walk, Sybille moves with grace and undulates with  every  steps she takes. Everything in her shines and radiates. The coral muslin fabric of her dress is layered like a mille-feuilles enveloping her frail body resembling a porcelain doll. Her charcoal hair is gently put up like a Victorian queen, uncovering her blushing cheeks and her luscious lips. Light emanates from her chest, revealing the candour and purity inhabiting her precious soul.
Among the dull characters of the court, she is unique. When Pierre asked her to be his dancing partner at the ball last year, she immediately thought of Marie and her secret feelings in regards to the gentleman and declined with pride and humility. Now all the eyes are turned toward her, again.

She evokes kindness in a world where privileges are taken for granted among the court. When she travels the countryside she listens to people, shares their concerns and never fails to deliver a message of hope. The love and respect she attracts not always serves her well. Some days like today, she is the attention of jealousy and gossip.

Lost between lust and simplicity, today she lets go of where she comes from and lets her heart speak her true nature: a girl appreciating the company of people whoever they are, spreading joy wherever she is, forever smiling whatever the reason.


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