Weightless, lively and celestial – A Stately Dance by John Armstrong ARA

A Stately Dance by John Armstrong ARA (Via Scarborough Art Gallery)

They dance in between two worlds. The angels meld with the background yet are easily discernible. They evanesce as they wish and reappear to haunt souls.
In the meantime, they dance.

Their flying robes embrace their bodies as the wind plays with the fabric. Their hair follows the pattern of their hands, which guided by the sound of the organ form large circles in the air.
Before of us, they dance.

They expose their innate talents and their charismatic beauties. While they move with grace they glance  at one another, smiling and occasionally winking maliciously. The angels acknowledge their luck for being able to live eternally. Through dimensions imperceptible to human beings, they spread their love and joy to whom believes in them.
In between layers, they dance.

Weightless, they glide.
Lively, they shine.
Celestial, they invade our hearts.
Together hand in hand, in the realm of our imaginations, we dance.

Listen while reading: Fauré: Pélleas et Mélissande, Op 80: III. Sicilienne


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